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Archie Cridland, UK’s Youngest Beekeeper passes his BBKA Junior Certificate, aged just 5 years!


Geoff Galliver the examiner said of Archie: “I was staggered by his level of knowledge! He blew my mind!”

UK’s Youngest Qualified Beekeeper…….EVER

Guildford 5th June 2019

Today Surrey Bees Training is pleased to announce that Archie Cridland, aged 5 yrs. achieved a first in beekeeping, as the youngest ever to pass his BBKA Junior Certificate in Apiculture.

Having asked his Nana who is a member of the BFA whether he could have a look at her bees at the tender age of 2 ½ years, his interest grew to having his own bees and proficiency in beekeeping, completing and passing the BBKA bee exam on the 18th May, last month. Geoff Galliver the examiner said of Archie: “I was staggered by his level of knowledge! He blew my mind! He was very cool about the whole thing, not flamboyant. He was able to point out the workers and drones and what was in the cells – he even found the queen in my colony. I could hardly believe it!”

Founded in 2013 Surrey Bees Training is the leading beekeeper trainer in Surrey offering a wide range of beekeeping training services. Since being established over 5 yrs ago we have helped more than 250 people to become beekeepers and provided training to gain Credits in their BBKA Certificate in Apiculture exam.

Surrey Bees are delighted that Archie has achieved this remarkable milestone in beekeeping at such a young age; especially since he has only just started reading and writing, so learning the syllabus was no mean feat! He has without doubt shown absolute dedication to helping and nurturing the bee population. He has also encouraged his friends and teachers at Shere Infant’s school, to also learn about bees and their importance to our ecology; keen to pass on his knowledge.

His hive is painted in red and white, decorated with Arsenal stickers, because of-course he is a footy fan. He would have had a red bee suit, but knows the bees would not react well to that colour, so a bright yellow one was chosen instead (Arsenal’s away strip colours!).

Archie has featured in the Surrey Advertiser, The Times and The Telegraph, BBKA and Beecraft magazines, and then appeared on ITV London News, Five News and ITV’s This Morning (although I don’t think he was overly impressed with Eamonn Holmes, saying his honey tasted of grass! Eamonn, surely you know grasses are wind pollinated plants! He has also picked up the Guildford Residents Award sponsored by DMH Stallard and Surrey Advertiser, as well as becoming the Ambassador for the World Bee Project organisation.

For now though, he is happy just watching his bees and of-course providing his friends and family with ‘Archie’s Honey’.
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