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Archie, UK’s Youngest Qualified Beekeeper wins 2 First Prizes @ National Honey Show


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Archie, aged 5, UK’s youngest qualified beekeeper won 2 First prizes including the Kenna Cup for his entries at the National Honey Show 2019. He entered his Project Workbook which he had put together to help him learn all the aspects of the BBKA Basic Certificate (at that age he could barely read and write) winning the McKenna Cup (kindly donated by Guildford Beekeepers Association). He also entered his diagram of the Lifecycle of bees and his lifesize varroa mite (which was his project for his exam) made from paper mache which also won First Prize.

Archie spent the last year 2018 – 2019 preparing for his BBKA exam, taking it at Surrey Bees Training apiary in May 2019. He passed with flying colours and has become the UK’s Youngest Qualified beekeeper at the tender age of 5 years. He loves bees and his hive is painted red and white the colours of his favourite football team, Arsenal. He has appeared on ITV News, Five News, in the National papers and is currently looking to establish that he is the World Record holder for being the youngest qualified beekeeper.

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