Microscopy Courses

Open to All Surrey Bees Members – one off Microscopy Workshops

Next workshops: Oct 2020, Nov 2020, Feb 2021, March 2021

Held Dec – March each year on the following topics:

  • Pollen Mounting
    • Identification of pollen
    • Mounting Pollen grains
    • Identification of pollen in honey
  • Adult Bee Diseases
    • Acarine identification and testing
    • Nosema identification and testing
    • Symptoms and Treatment
  • Dissection
    • Principles of the Dissecting Microscope
    • Dissection of Honey Bee exoskeleton
    • Preparing slides of honey bee exoskeletons
  • Bee Anatomy
    • Preparing Permanent Mounts
    • Bee anatomy mounting

Courses open to Members firstly, and max class sizes 6. SBT have their own Compound and  Stereo Microscopes. Costs for each class £25 to cover materials. Packed Lunch and beverages provided.