Intermediate Courses

The BBKA Basic Assessment course is aimed at those beekeepers who have been keeping bees for at least 1 year and wish to measure their achievement in basic beekeeping skills and knowledge. It is also a prerequisite if beekeepers wish to take further qualifications with the BBKA.

The course covers the theory behind the basic assessment with 5 theory sessions November through to March plus Bee Disease Workshop. Basic Assessments take place in mid May, over a weekend at the SBT Pyrford Apiary.

Topics covered are:

  • Swarm Control
  • Frame Changing and Frame Making
  • IPM and Varroa
  • Diseases and Pests
  • How to Open and Manipulate a Hive confidently

To enquire about available places please contact us and one of the team will contact you to discuss availability. The next course starts November 2020 with Assessments in Spring 2021.

Cost approx. £56 to BBKA (individual Membership & Exam Fee, unless already a BBKA member), plus cost of course £50.

If interested contact

Queen Rearing Course – Next course 2021

The course is run every other year and will show the Jenter Method of queen rearing for the hobbyist beekeeper to raise a few queens or to rear a larger volume of queens. The course will take each delegate through:

  • Equipment required for Jenter Method
  • Selecting the best colonies and queens to breed from
  • Drone production
  • Setting up cell builder colony
  • Setting up Jenter, Confining Queen, Transfer of Larva
  • Mating Queens successfully
  • Apidea & Nuc uses
  • Marking queens and introducing successfully into queenless colony

The Queen Rearing Course will take place over 2 mornings (weekends) from 10:30 – 12:30 – June 2021 plus 1 theory class in March 2021

Cost £85 – contact to book your place. Queen Rearing Apiary in Pyrford, Near Woking, Surrey.

All attendees will be provided with one of the mated queens reared from the course on the 3rd session.

Intermediate Beekeeping Course – next course starts Nov 2019

We recognise that beekeepers wish to continue their education but perhaps aren’t interested in Queen Rearing.

Surrey Bees have a program to learn other more complex practical beekeeping skills including more study on Bee Nutrition and Development, Bee Anatomy, Pests and Diseases, recognising potential problematic colonies early as well as practical skills in Adult Bee Disease diagnostics, making up a nuc, different types of splits, introducing queens successfully, queen rearing techniques, different methods of swarm control and collecting swarms.

This course would also complement anyone studying for their modules.

Theory – 3 sessions during winter.

Practical – 4 practical sessions plus research / homework / reading. Cost £85 For more information contact