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Want To Keep Bees?

Learn how to become a beekeeper and save the honey bees:

Bees are pollinators vital to our food chain. One third of the food we eat would not be available but for bees and other pollinators. Bees are under threat and need your support.

Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby, a profitable sideline, or a full-time occupation. You may want to keep bees for the delicious fresh honey they produce, for the benefits of their valuable services as pollinators, or perhaps simply for the enjoyment of learning more about one of nature’s most interesting insects. Almost anyone can keep bees.

If you want to learn more, come & join one of our new beekeeper courses; next one available starts end Jan 2020 and learn the basics of beekeeping as well as being supported through your first year.

If you have never done beekeeping before, this is a wonderful opportunity to get first-hand experience as well as confidence and knowledge to help you become a beekeeper, with honey in your first year.

We also have a one day course where you can learn how to become a beekeeper, through theory and practical sessions where we can also provide you with all the equipment and bees to set you up as a beekeeper for the first year.

We also provide individual private lessons – contact for further details.

We offer an hour’s hands on session to Meet the Bees Day for people interested in potentially becoming a beekeeper or just to have a trial session – opening hives and manipulating bees – by advance booking only ( All equipment and bee suits are provided. You MUST bring your own wellington boots to protect your ankles and feet.

For more experienced beekeepers we offer the BBKA Basic Assessment, as well as Queen Rearing and Microscopy Courses.

For beekeepers who have kept bees for a minimum of 3 years, and completed their Basic Level Beekeeping we have an Intermediary Course consisting of 3 Theory Sessions and 4 hands  on practical sessions.

Surrey Bees CIO also takes an active part in the education of children in Beekeeping though visits to locals schools. We also invite young beekeepers to attend and pass the BBKA Junior Assessment. We support local schools educating them in the importance of bees as well as supporting Feltham Young Offenders in their rehabilitation programme covering the Skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

See also our Junior Talks & Children’s Parties for junior beekeepers to meet the bees and learn about the importance of bees as well as having fun! They’ll be buzzing!

To enquire about available places please complete the enquiry form and one of the team will contact you to discuss preferred available course dates and venues. You’ll be amazed how easy it is!

If you do not have a Bee suit they can be provided.

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