Saskia Summer Camp

Junior Summer Camp Success


Surrey Bees Training is pleased to announce our Junior Summer Camp event at our Pyrford Apiary on Tuesday 28 July.

Lorraine Ragosa-Rout, Operations Principal says: “After two fantastic seasons of unparalleled success with our teaching methods, growing our membership to 100 including 8 junior members, we have decided to take advantage of new opportunities for children.

Our mission of multicultural beekeeping promotion, ethnic diversity, and positive image remain strong, and we are proud to continue our popular school program, which includes talks to cub scouts, schools, our Junior Summer Camp, Duke of Edinburgh awards and working with Feltham Young Offenders.”

The Junior Summer Camp will introduce 27 children aged 7 to 14 to honeybees and the importance they play in pollination and the ecology. Children will be kitted out in full bee suits, to “meet the bees”, extract honey and design their own label for their jar of honey to take home. Several children will also complete their Cub Scout World Challenge Badge as part of the program.

There is also an Open Day BBQ for members and an opportunity for potential new beekeepers to “Meet the Bees” on Saturday 1st August, before signing up to our new beekeepers Theory and Practical Courses in Jan.

This year, you will still see your favourite elements of Beekeeping, the hottest up-and-coming ideas for bee keeping, and an exclusive slice of Kevin’s Beekeeping tips.

Kevin Findlater, Apiary Principal says: “With a new year and a new location, SBT will also be making some changes. The theory training has been revamped to make every effort to be inclusive; the practical continues to incorporate support for new beekeepers for the full first season, intermediate courses, open apiary programs and new microscopy courses for the more advanced beekeeper. With the shift away from the dull just watching it will be very interactive.

We look forward to continuing our great relationships with sponsors, press, and all of our members—and with only 5 days until show time, our team has kicked into full gear and are committed to making this year’s production one that goes down in history.”

Anyone interested in getting involved as a sponsor, member or volunteer should contact Surrey Bees Training on /

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