For Sale

Contact / 07900 263 117 for details and pricing

(All goods discounted further to SBT training delegates – see Delegates Private Log in page for prices)

Queen Excluders – with wooden frame

Rhombus Clearing Board

5 Frame Nucleus of Bees – available beginning April 2018

Hexagonal Honeyjars 12oz – sold in boxes of 84 jars with gold lids

Assembled National Cedar Hive

Flat Pack BS National Brood Frames (Hoffman) DN5 – sold in packs of 10

Flat Pack BS National Manley Frames (for supers) – sold in packs of 10

BS National Super Foundation – premium, diagonal wired sold in packs of 10

BS National Brood Foundation – premium diagonal wired sold in packs of 10

Package of Beekeeping equipment includes: Smoker with cage, Hive Tool, Crown of Thorns, Queen Cage Roller, Bee Brush, Mouseguard, Uncapping Fork, Frame Rest.

Honey is sold locally through various outlets including RHS Wisley shop, Budgens, Pinnocks, Pyrford Golf Club, Worplesdon Golf Club.

SBT will be have a stand at the following shows this year if you want to come along & discover the wonderful world of bees, taste some honey, purchase honey, candles, beeswax polish, various honey and cut comb, wax lip balms, plus lots of bee related products for children and adults etc. Trainers available to discuss beekeeping training courses.

RHS Family Gardening Show –  25 May – 2 June 2019

Chertsey Agricultural Show – 10th and 11th August 2019

Surrey Game & Country Fair – 29th Sept 2019

RHS Taste of Autumn – 16th – 20th Oct 2019