Open Day 2016 3

Fantastic Day @ Open Day Meet the Bees and BBQ –


Smashing day; weather fantastic and had about 100 attendees to the Open Day and Meet the Bees Session held at Surrey Bees Training apiary for all members and also people who perhaps wanted to Meet the Bees.

We had lots of positive feedback, questions raised by the attendees on pollination and importance of bees and all went very smoothly.

Well done to Kevin and Mick whose hard work meant that over 50 people met the bees for the first time having a hands on trial session. This was aimed mainly at people who perhaps wanted to take up beekeeping and join the new beekeeper course in January or the Adopt a Hive members who met their bees.

Mark made that run like clockwork and even produced a Bee Word Quiz to keep everyone amused whilst waiting to get kitted out in a bee suit. The poster board was very informative too, so thank you.

A Blind Honey Competition was run where members brought an unlabelled jar of their honey and attendees tasted the honey choosing their top 3 favourite, based on colour, smell, feeling on the tongue and flavour.

Russ’ honey came tops and won the competition, running away with the points awarded. Interesting, that this honey was from his Spring crop this year and all other honey’s entered were from last years crops.

Clare, Mike and Coleen kept everyone engrossed with bee stories and their honey knowledge, making people aware of the different types of honey and flavours.

Thanks to Mike for running off to get more toilet roll for the portaloo and extra table!!

Thank you to the Chef and Sous Chef – don’t know who was leading who on the BBQ! However the food just kept on coming…………Thanks to Jane too for supplying condiments and colourful salads.

Great day, great attendance, all made possible by a great team: Coleen, Clare, Geoffrey, Mark, Derick, Mike, Kevin, Mick, Lorraine – thank you.

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