Summer Camp 2016 2

Children’s Summer Camp


25 Children aged between 7 and 11 years got the opportunity to Meet The Bees last Thursday at Surrey Bees Training Summer Camp held annual at their training apiary.

The children were kitted out in mini bee suits and in groups of 4 went out with their “Queen Bee” mentor to handle the bees and hold frames, identify pollen, nectar, honey and propolis, learn about pollination and learn about the lifecycle and development of a colony.

During this time, the parents had their own information session with another Queen Bee giving them a talk on the plight of bees.

The group then decamped for lunch and an afternoon full of activities including uncapping the super honey frames, spinning honey, designing their own honey jar label, bottling up their honey to take home, rolling beeswax candles, making bee paper weights and bee greeting cards as well as other bee related activities. All went home with a bag full of bee related crafts and jar of honey as well as a Certificate and a bit more knowledge about bees………..the children didn’t do too badly either! :)

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