Children’s Summer Camp – 4th August


The next Children’s Summer Camp will be Thursday 4th August, incorporating children kitted out in bee suits to come and meet the bees and discover the wonderful world of this highly complex insect. The children will then spend the afternoon demonstrating their creative flair making bee crafts and designing their own honey jar label, so that they can extract honey and take a jar home. If interested in attending this fun day, and your child is aged 8-14 years please contact the SBT team on or complete the form on the Summer Camp page.

Summer Camp 2015:
The Junior Summer Camp on 28 July 2015 introduced 27 children aged 7 to 14 years (and also the 12 parents who also joined in) to honeybees and the importance they play in pollination and the ecology. Children were kitted out in full bee suits, to “meet the bees”, initially giving short talk around an observation hive, and then met the bees. The children were very well behaved and confident, picking up drones from the frame and marking them, identifying brood, stores and finding the queen; one virgin was very accommodating and even hatched in front of us.

We then upped camp to the Wisley Pavilion where the children uncapped the frames from a super, spun and filtered the honey before jarring up. They designed some very pretty labels and took their jar of honey home after being awarded their certificate. Several children also completed their Cub Scout World Challenge Badge as part of the program.

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